Story Mapping

You have a great idea for the new product, but don’t know how to structure your work? Struggling with overview of whole product? Want to involve people and to motivate them?

Start with Story Mapping approach.

During this training we will cover:

  • User story – what is it and how to write a good user story;
  • Three Cs of an user story;
  • How to prioritize list of features and user stories;
  • How to set business goal;
  • How to start with high-level stories and move to more granular items;
  • How to organize your product backlog in a meaningful way using Story Mapping technique;
  • How to prioritize your product backlog on your Story Map board;
  • How to make a release plan;
  • How to engage people working on your product using Story Map.

Interested in some or all of these – contact us!